About us

My passion for Lampshades started in 1994 - (wow, 21 years ago), when a friend of mine (Interior Designer) asked me to refurbish a lampshade for her, to match the client's latest decor. 

After hours of removing old fabric and glue, sandpapering the old shade, repainting the new one, designing the new pattern, hours of hand sewing the new fabric and hands full of glue, all over my clothes, I could show off the "new" shade.
I said never again.

But it was a challenge, and once a challenge, always a challenge.

From restoring the wire and pvc, to making a replica, to learning to weld, and turning the wire,  I was fully equipped to design and make my own shades, 6 months later.

Now, many moons later, we still design beautiful shades, turn the wire in circles, do the welding, glue the PVC, sew the fabric and produce the most beautiful shades, one after the other – and still restore old shades too…

A few years ago, we opened a lampshade shop in Somerset West and open a shop in Cape Town in the first quarter of 2015.

During 2014 we started our own woodworking factory, and supply wooden lamp bases in various woods and colours to our shop, retail outlets, hotels and clients.

And every day…. is still a challenge