Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vintage Cage Pendants

Cage Light Pendants are the Latest Light Fashion all over the world.  
If you dont have one yet - you will have to get one soon! (Or give one to your boyfriend)    
From Australia to Canada, from Web sites to Etsy, from Restaurant to Study to Dining room, to Lounge or just another "light to be"  - just everywhere......  Yes, yes you must agree - it is beautiful!!

As we in South Africa use different lamp holders to Europe, the imported one's come with an Euro fitting.
For weeks we were at the drawing board, designing a good size Cage Pendant Light with a South African Lamp fitting,     just for you - our customer!
And here it is.  An Industrial Cage Pendant with a Vintage feel at an affordable price, with or without a lamp fitting and/or cord and a Standard South African bulb fitting or an Euro one!.  A winner for sure....
Available at our on-line shop  or email us

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