Friday, October 26, 2012

Lampshade round a Chandelier

I have found large chandeliers lighting very overwhelming.  We often add small chandelier shades, or one big shade, to add a more romantic or soft look to the chandelier lighting.

This week we completed two very large lampshades which fit around 2 chandeliers.  The home has a very large double volume entrance hall, to where the chandeliers will be fitted.

Here, one of our staff members is covering a large lampshade with a very sheer fabric.  This will allow the light to still shine through the lampshade:

Covering a lampshade this size,  needs lots of skill.  The lampshade is very large, and the fabric very thin.  To handle both, needs lots of patience.  The lampshade is at least 15 cm larger (both sides) of the chandelier to prevent the bulbs from burning the lampshade.  We have to date made chandelier cover lampshades up the 1.2 meter in width  (It must still go through the door...)

The lampshade is then fitted around the chandelier.  This chandelier has 8 bulbs:

Once the chandelier with the lampshade has been installed, you will experience the look as in the picture below.  The chandeliers with the lampshades around it, were installed in the Erinvale Golf Clubhouse in Somerset West.  We manufactured the outer lampshades for these existing chandeliers of the Erinvale Golf Clubhouse.  

Lovely, dont you agree?

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