Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top Lighting Trends for 2012

Looking for what is trendy and new in 2012?  Well, well, I did some homework...

Lots of texture: metal, natural fiber - raffia or leather,
textured woven fabrics and
recycled products - cardboard, plastic, rubber.
Cane - lots, and lots and colour washed  
And dont forget coloured glass...

Colours for 2012:
Grape Purple
Red - darker Reds
Gold and Sunny Yellow and Orange

Minimalistic but Big.

Digital Designs
Maps & Nature
Once-off designs
If you have do use a mass production product - put your own touch to it.

Chandeliers - as many as you can!
Half Cones mounted to the Wall - save space
Over size standing lamps
Hanging lamps

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