Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Phone Repairer's Shade

My cell phone broke down - as we all know, it happens just before the contract with the Service provider expires.  I am sure the cell phones are made just to last 2 years!

Anyway, I know a very good Cell phone Repairer.  (If you have teenagers at home - you have to).  He was so kind, and when I explained that I cant go without it - he offered to repair it immediately.

While waiting, I wondered around in his shop, - and it will be me who will notice his working lamp - full of cell phone parts!'

I explained to him that I am a lampshade maker and that I am very impressed with his lamp!

He was so impressed with me taking a photo of his lamp, that he offered to teach me how to repair cell phones.......
but I prefer shades.......

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