Sunday, July 3, 2011

Humble Beginning in 1994

I found some of the pictures taken 17 years ago, when the lampshade bug got the best of me.  I then traded as Shade Delight in the Wilderness, Garden Route, Cape Province, South Africa.  I worked from home and this is what it looked like:  (The floral bell shape lampshade on the coach on the left, was the first bell we made from scratch, and I can (only now) admit, it was a nightmare to make - we had to redo the wire works a few times, to get it level, and then to match the seams to the wiring - many long hours of learning.....)

After 4 years of this, hubby could not take it any longer (I dont blame him) and we sold the business.  Pity - once in your blood, always in your blood.... and 13 years later, we are there again...

And, who remember these Biggie Best Styles?  We made 100's of these..
With bows, self fold and scolloped.

I even found a photo of a lampshade recovery we did then...

We also painted lampshade bases to match the fabric.  The fabric was cut and glued and the lampshade base was painted in the colours of the interior of the room - wow that was a long time ago.

One of my clients was the well known Robin's Nest Interiors, in George, Garden Route.  They had the contract to do the decor for the Fancourt Hotel.  We did the lampshades and this is what it look like 15 years ago:

This hotel has been redecorated a few times since then, Robins Nest has expand their business to the Southern Cape and Mauritius and we have moved to Somerset West.......

And this is how it all started...  then

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  1. wow, never knew you have been doing it so long! well done for sticking it out for all these years!