Monday, July 25, 2011

Atomic Lampshades

Today I let the staff do the chandelier shades, bedroom shades, lounge table shades, (all the ordinary shades), etc and I am doing something DIFFERENT!
 Matt Allison , the well known urban farmer in Cape Town, contacted me to manufacture an atomic lampshade for his 50's lampbase.
 This base has two light fittings.  The one is for a bright light (like reading), the other - just for light.

And it has 2 pull chains to switch them on and off - clever!  - Ideal for electricity saving in South Africa.

This is all the planning I did.
And now:  for the fabric.  The 2 cone shape shades will be black cotton and the centre drum will be a beautiful fabric from Skinny la Minx.

Now we are busy with the wiring, then the epoxy coating, and then I will post pictures again of  how we progress....

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