Monday, April 25, 2011

Bead Frame Shade

From time to time, clients ask me to do make something out of the ordinary, and I always try to assist them, because lampshade making is a challenge, and what keeps me going, is the challenge every day. 

So, I got this phone call requesting a lampshade frame to hang beads to it.  After a few emails, and sketches, I figured it out.  And can you imagine how stunning this frame will look with rows and rows of beads in different colours, glittering when the light shines through....

Herewith the frame at different angles.  The outer ring is 40 cm, the middle one 30 cm and the small one 20cm.  The vertical height from the shade ring to the top is about 20 cm, which leave you with lots of centimetres for the length of the different beads.

mmmmm, keep on dreaming....


  1. Hi - I have been trying to make my own beaded chandelier lampshade but am STRUGGLING to secure the beaded strands onto the lampshade frame. I currently have all the beads on fishing gut, which I have tried to tie onto the frame. The knots look ugly and keep coming undone. What do you suggest?

  2. Hi Ruth
    (a) if you are using fishing gut, secure the knots at the top - on the frame with superglue. That way the knots will not come loose and the strings will stay in the same place.
    (c) I will suggest that you use a metalic beading thread which is made of very thin metal, to do beading. It will easy bend around the rings and not "run" around or come loose.