Saturday, February 12, 2011

On the local market

I will display some of my work at the Market tomorrow.  Lampshades are like crockery - easily damaged and I was in two minds whether to take the risk or not.  But  lets give it a try.

On show will be a shade that I have just renovated for one of our local Antique Shops.  It does have the most beautiful stand, and once I delivery it, I will post a pic of the lampshade with the stand.  It is such a beautiful oldie - now brand new. 

For those who love to keep up the interior trend - we are in for the most beautiful metals and greys.  But if are you still in two minds, because you still love the old white/black combination, herewith a set of 2 lampshades which is a combo of grey and black and finished with small black pop-poms - ideal for the intermediate period.

For all the friends who love cupcakes and all the beautiful pinks, yellows and white - a small shade to match the theme.  Finished off with a white zig-zag brade which is becoming popular again.  I remember as a  kid, my beautiful dresses finished off with these zig-zag trimmings.  Is's back!

And then the baby room - combination of mix-and-match greens are still very popular.

For Daddy and his hide-away lodge - a exquisite hanging shade in animal prints and finished off with fake monkey tail fur.

For the little princess in the house - a lilac shade, finished of  heartshapes beads.

Do you need a theme for the main bedroom?  This is also a set of 2 lampshades.

And then for Valentines day ....  see my next post.

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